Experiences of a med student with an incurable travel bug.

Wine Tasting in Stellenbosch

With another week off before classes start, I decided to take a few days to go wine tasting in Stellenbosch. One of Molly’s 22 roommates organized it, and with most of her house and a few more on top of that going, we were able to charter our own bus! So after waiting two hours for the bus to find the house, we took off for Stellenbosch, which is only about 40 minutes from Cape Town.

After settling into our 10-person dorm-style rooms in our hostel/backpacker’s lodge, a few of us wandered around the city and grabbed dinner at one of the three oldest pubs in ZA. I had calamari steak, which I didn’t even know existed. That night we all went out for a bit, checking out the nightlife. What made for an interesting night was the fact that we only had one key, and of course it ended up with the girl who got the most drunk and stayed out longer than any one else, leaving most of us locked out for a while. It was all for the best though, because that meant we weren’t already attempting to sleep when they got back, which would have been utterly impossible with all the noise they managed to make.

The next day was wine tasting! We visited five wine estates, the third of which included cheese tasting and lunch was at the fourth. Being a true Wisconsinite through and through, the cheese tasting was far and away my favorite part, with the springbok potjies (virtually identical to venison stew in its own little cauldron and a side of rice) coming in a close second. I did learn that I prefer white wines over the course of the day, particularly Chenin Blanc and Gerwurztraminer. That evening we went to Bohemia, a hookah bar, since most people had had enough drinking for the day.

I returned to Cape Town on Wednesday, where the next few days were dedicated to running around campus trying to get approval for my physiology course. I eventually succeeded, but only after three trips to the Medical School (which is no where near upper campus, which is no where near anything), meeting with the course convener, sending emails, multiple stops at the International Programs Office, and numerous phone calls. Ridiculous.

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  1. sounds delicious!!

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