Experiences of a med student with an incurable travel bug.


So every Thursday we have a housekeeper come to clean our house; the interesting thing is that we have to clean so that she can clean. I don’t understand it either. Yep, a housekeeper’s included in our rent; everybody’s got one. It’s nice that she comes once a week to keep the place clean, but I’d be ok with paying less and having the floor mopped a little less frequently. Also, it freaks me out a little how she moves stuff around in my room…I have it organized a certain way for a reason, it’d be nice if she’d leave it that way instead of condensing everything into one disorganized pile.

And talk about stressful, my classes still aren’t figured out, which is really frustrating; my home institution is giving me the run around in getting my classes approved for an appropriate transfer level. Every other science course that has been taken at this, the 3000, level on the UCT campus has transfered back as a 400-600 level course on my campus. This is only appropriate as 3000 is the highest level course one can take at UCT, so it is inherently comparable to the courses classified as “advanced” at home. But of course, there are miles of red tape and hoops to jump through in order to get everything to go through.

And to top it all off I seem to have lost my keys at SHAWCO training yesterday. Everything shuts down on Sunday so I couldn’t make much progress in finding them, but I’m praying that they turn up this week. Campus Protection Services has a box full of lost keys that I went through today (it was the only place open on all of campus, that and a sandwich tent run by this helpful Greek — at least he struck me as Greek, I was kinda preoccupied), and they said to come back tomorrow and over the next few days since people definitely turn in lost keys. Really, they’re no good to anybody since they’d have no way of knowing what house in four different suburbs they belong to. Hopefully I’ll also be able to get in touch with SHAWCO people and the Jammie shuttle (UCT bus) soon to see if they know anything. If they don’t turn up I’ll have to get them replaced; four keys at what sounds like it would be about $10/key, less for the one that’s not a skeleton key, which would suck, but it could be worse I guess.

Also, I’m trying to figure out travel plans for spring break, etc. There are so many cool things to do here, I have no idea where to even begin! And it would be a little bit easier to figure it out if I didn’t have to spend my time running around town and stressing about my keys and courses.

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