Experiences of a med student with an incurable travel bug.

and Found

I FOUND MY KEYS!!!! Seriously, it’s unbelievable…I had back tracked all across campus, my walk home, everything, and I kept checking in Campus Protection Services and the Jammie Shuttle to see if anyone had turned them in and I just wasn’t getting anywhere. Then on Monday night, in a stroke of brilliance, we decided to try the keys for my roommates’ doors in mine to see if any were the same, just in case I had to have new copies made (that way we could avoid our landlord). Well, to complete the chain of events as of late, Amanda’s key proved to lock my door — but not to unlock it. I really have no idea how that’s possible, but you know, whatever. So I finally called my landlord and told her that I was locked out of my room, could she please come let me in. Well, she had dinner plans, which were clearly vastly more important than her job in attending to the people she leases a house to, so she was too busy to come over, she’d stop by in the morning. So I spent the night in Amanda’s room, and got up in the morning to go to class, only to realize that not only were all my books, phone and everything that own locked in my room, so was my campus ID so I couldn’t go to my first class since I needed it to get through the turnstiles into the med school campus. So I called Janice, the landlord, to let her know that my phone was locked in my room along with everything I needed for class, so could she please call me on the landline to let me know when she’d be coming as I’d be there since I wasn’t able to go to class. After a bit she called back, and she had some woman named Annie that none of us knew stop by with her master keys to let me in. As it turns out, the keys got Annie into a wardrobe on the second floor, in which were copies of all our room keys that the cleaning lady uses. So there was a key to my room 15 feet away the whole time. We were a little irked.

After finally getting into my room, I grabbed my stuff and went to grab a Jammie to upper campus. When I got there, the bus ticket window was open, so I asked if they had happened to find any keys. She sent me to a manager type person, who got a security person, who had me talk to the head of the bus department, then passed me over to two other security people, one of which took me across the bridge to the other office, and after talking to someone through another window we went in the office over there, where my keys were sitting!! So I have no idea if someone grabbed them off the Jammie and turned them in, if they were on the ground, or what, but I have them back! I hugged the security guy that I was with, and then when I went back across the bridge to finally go to class, the first security guy, this 6+ foot big guy gives me a hug — “I’m so happy for you, I’m so glad you found them!” Me too, meeee tooooo. Wow. Miracles happen.

I’m still waiting to hear about classes; my home university is being pretty snotty about it, but hopefully that’ll work out soon, too. They just keep insisting that they need time for processing, though as I keep telling them, I do realize that this is a very busy time of year, and I have been trying to allow as much time as possible for processing; unfortunately, this time line has been imposed on me by UCT. I tried to seek approval for courses last semester already, and then UCT changed which biological courses they would be offering, not releasing the information until well into our orientation here in February. This meant that I had to find an upper level science course just a few days before lectures began, and then seek approval to even register for the course. As there are so few science courses offered, this physiology course was one of two applicable biology courses, the other one of which conflicts with another course required for my major. I therefore registered for physiology and have been trying to get approval ever since.

If the physiology course I am currently in will not transfer back at the 400+, I need to know within the next couple of days so that I may switch my entire schedule to try to accommodate a different class. UCT has been very understanding, making arrangements so that I can still switch courses this week despite the add deadline having already passed. As I absolutely must be enrolled in a course that will transfer home at the advanced level and UCT has only given me a few days to switch courses (it’s already passed the add deadline, they made extensions for me), I have to request that this be handled quickly. It is not an option for me to remain in a course for the duration of the semester only to find out at the end that I will not be receiving applicable credit. [I just directly copied some of this from my emails back and forth and didn’t change much, so sorry if it sounds strange…]

So hopefully I’ll find out soon…grr…

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  1. i’m exhausted reading this post. ….seems like i’m not very good at keeping up with these kinds of things 😦 hope you’re well!! it’s been 70+ the last few days in the midwest. capri pants and sandals are out!! whoop! -connie

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