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Doctor Mom

I think it’s generally accepted that people can be a bit crazy when it comes to their own kids. This is especially true when they’re still tiny humanoids who can’t actually tell you what’s wrong and instead just cry and do their best to make everyone around them unhappy, too. I get it, the center of your universe is in distress, and that puts stress on everyone else. Luckily, doctors are trained to interpret the mysterious ways of the tiny humans and determine a diagnosis. Logic would imply that a physician should therefore be able to rationally decipher the situation when their own miniatures get sick, right? hah. logic.

Today in clinic I saw a 12 month old physician’s daughter for “persistent rhinorrhea, wheezing, intermittent emesis, and coughing.”

Translation: “continued runny nose, odd breath sounds, occasional vomiting, and coughing.” These symptoms had been going on for 10 days and were also accompanied by one other important symptom: sneezing!

Survey says: your kid has the common cold!

Patient’s mom continued to fire questions at the doc challenging the diagnosis, which the doc patiently answered: “No, this is not metabolic…No, this is not an allergy… No, she does not need steroids… No, cow’s milk is not a problem… No, you are not missing a rare disease. No, there is not something more serious going on… Is there something specific you’re concerned about?”

Manic momma: “No…Just…I keep thinking I’m missing something huge, something rare!”

Doc: “No, your child is fine, you’re not missing anything rare. She just has the common cold. She will be fine.”

BOTH of this girl’s parents are PHYSICIANS. One is actually a pulmonologist — a LUNG doctor. A specialty that requires one to differentiate between things like a cold and pneumonia every.single.day.

Apparently having kids makes even the smartest people…crazy.


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  1. Ya think??? LMAO! It happens to everyone. *Everyone.* And if a parent ever tells you that it hasn’t happened to them – that they haven’t been the crazy parent in the Dr.’s office, they either don’t have kids or their lying. 🙂

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