Experiences of a med student with an incurable travel bug.

Condoms are OK!

…at least to stop the spread of AIDS, according to the Pope. In any other situation they’re still prohibited.


Well, it’s a start. This a huge improvement from last year when he declared that “condom use did not help prevent the spread of AIDS, only abstinence and fidelity did” — a scientifically disproven fact, by the way. Condom use can, in fact, significantly reduce the spread of HIV infection, which can develop into AIDS, in both men and women. (“A critical look on condoms,” Kigbu and Nyango, Niger J Med 2009, Oct-Dec; 18(4):354-9)


Comments on: "Condoms are OK!" (4)

  1. So my question is…did the Bible change since last year? Or can we *gasp* use evidence and logic to draw our own conclusions?

  2. […] For anyone who hasn’t heard, I found out who we have to thank for the Pope’s recent condom condonation: […]

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