Experiences of a med student with an incurable travel bug.

The Magic of Chicken Soup

Turns out that chicken noodle soup is more than just comfort food — it not only makes you feel better, it can actually help you get better! It’s intuitive that it can help you with hydration (after all it is mostly water) and the steam can do wonders for your feelings of congestion. However, apparently some anti-histamine is generated from boiling the chicken, which means it’s really an all-natural form of your cold meds! And don’t worry, you get the same benefit* from the canned version as you do from mom’s homemade goodness, so all of you (us) on your own can get in on the action.

…This is what I took from my small group on colds and flu. I’m sure this is what’s going to be on the exam. Really. Totally useful.

*Well, the same anti-histamine benefits, that is. As far as taste goes you might not be quite so lucky.


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